Natha Perkins Campanella is a professional writer, a mother, a teacher, an astrologer and an Intuitive Guide.

Her teachings center around exploring the truth.  How are you showing up in your life?  What are the repetitive thoughts and habits that are holding you back?  How can you use your personal power to shift your focus so radically that your life becomes more peaceful and prosperous?  With open curiosity, Natha guides her clients into truly seeing themselves through the lens of a different perspective; giving them the opportunity to love themselves and their lives with a depth they've never felt before.  

Formerly of Luscious Metals Studios, Natha started and ran a successful business as an artist, metal smith and jewelry designer. Her jewelry was featured in publications such as Health Magazine, Parenting Magazine and Cosmo. While she loved the creative process of working with metal and stones, she closed shop and pursue another lifelong passion: helping people find emotional relief. 

Natha is an Astrologer and a Certified Master Life Coach. She uses a unique blend of modalities in her approach, with an emphasis on traditional coaching and astrology, she often supplements with knowledge from The Enneagram, and insight from Tarot Cards.   

In her spare time, Natha writes about her personal experiences as an imperfect mother, a curious woman and the ubiquitous spiritual journey. She's been featured in many publications such as Elephant Journal, ManifestStation and Scary Mommy.



Staff Astrologer at Pandora Astrology

Certified Master Life Coach

Certified Completion Process Practitioner (Developed by Teal Swan)

Certified Theta Energy Practitioner (Developed by Vianna Stibal)

Metro State University of Denver, Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design

Georgia Perimeter College, Sociology