Smashing!, Your House for Indie FashionAs many of you know, I am expanding my horizons and web presence in many ways these days. One of the beautiful sites in which I have an online store is called Smashing Darling. According to the lovely ladies Julie and Trish who run the site, "We created a place for EVERYONE who loves fashion that thinks beyond the mall. Whether you want to shop, sell your own designs, find raw materials, meet others, collaborate, or just see what's new and hot in independent fashion..."

When you have a chance, I highly recommend you check this site out. The stores on the site are juried which means the dud factor is low. I have many of the same items in my Smashing Darling store that I have on my website, but every once in a while there are new pieces, like Starlight that can only be found on Smashing Darling. Now I've spent a lot of time perusing the stores on the site and I have a few favorites you might want to take a look at...Aelisheva designs dresses that are just downright amazing- lovely details and wonderful shapes. This is truly the difference between buying just any old dress from a dept. store and one that has been handmade with attention to detail. Thistle Downs Wool Designs is another one not to miss. Her gorgeous wool totes and scarves are so rich and wonderful. The best part is that she raises the sheep that grow the wool, so she is totally involved with the process from start to finish. Now that makes for some true love!