Meet the studio chapter 2

Metal Texture Stamps
We all know that I rarely make a piece that doesn't have a word (or 5) on it but I am also a huge fan of texture. Last time I introduced you to the mill and the texture in relief that it creates. Today lets talk about inverted texture. All hail the stamp!

This is only a small portion of my wonderful stamp collection. I collect different letter fonts, sizes, numbers, designs, textures- whatever! It doesn't matter, if it's a cool stamp, I want it.

This dot texture (above) is one of my favorites, because it just adds a little unexpected interest to any piece.

The above shot has good examples of words and textures that I add to almost every piece.

A close up of a few of the design stamps. I use these less often... I think you have to be careful with some of the design stamps since they will push a piece into predictability if you're not careful.