We have a New Studio + a Big Sale which = Supreme Happiness!

Change is in the air for Luscious. We've moved our studio to gorgeous Boulder (to a street called Mariposa which means butterfly!) and after a few weeks of boxing, moving, cleaning, misplaced items and general disorganization we are finally almost settled. Our new space is only a few blocks off of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world and is in the midst of a splendid garden and while there are a few more little tweaks until everything is perfect, we're back in action and gearing up for a big holiday season (yep, I said it--holidays!)And now for the really good news--In honor of our new space and to make room for new and fabulous winter lines, we're holding a SALE and offering a whopping 20% off of anything on our site! This is huge as we only hold sales like this once a year in the fall. It's time to buy the handmade piece of jewelry you've been wanting for ages! Go to Lusciousmetals.com and choose your piece (or pieces--this discount applies to everything) and hit the pretty little BUY NOW button!

Use discount code- NEWSTUDIO for 20% off of your order. Sale ends in a week (August 18) so take your sweet time, but 7 days will fly when you're having fun so go look now {and buy now too}