Super cool, really custom, totally unique necklace charms!

A few months ago, the lovely Martie from Connecticut contacted me wanting my help in creating a meaningful, custom piece of jewelry she could wear every day to represent her beloved parents. We emailed back and forth coming up with various ideas until we settled on 2 charm ideas. The first one, a daisy to represent her mom and the second a footprint to represent her dad. I researched images of both until I found 2 that she liked. Then, in the studio, we cut those shapes out of recycled sterling silver and soldered them onto sterling plates so that the charms would have some uniformity in size and shape. Martie had the really cool idea of sending me copies of both of her parents handwriting so that we could etch the writing onto the back sides of the charms. She chose yellow topaz and purple amethyst to hang alongside the charms as they were her parents birthstones (and then we added a quartz crystal too just for visual balance).
And the response from Martie when she received her piece? "Natha, I got my necklace over the weekend! I absolutely LOVE IT! You could not have captured it more perfectly! I have received tons of compliments on your work and I tell each and every one of them where it was created."

You are so welcome Martie, This is what makes me so love creating so much...