The Wedding Ring

One of my girlfriends Dawn just got married to an awesome man, Philip and she asked me to make her wedding ring. The cool thing about Dawn is that she is super chill and definitely not a bridezilla. She gave me almost complete creative control. Her only requests were that she wanted some heriloom earrings from her Grandmother incorporated into the design and she wanted a blue center stone that was sustainably sourced.

The earrings were little diamonds with "jackets" consisting of 3 golden leaves. I cut the leaves up into single pieces and began laying out different designs.


Soldering the band

The setting pre polish and stone setting.

Here is the finished ring alongside her engagement ring which is a lovely chunky simple gold band. You see I used 2 of the leaves, the 2 diamonds and a gorgeous blue sapphire.

I also made her wedding necklace with 3 of the other leaves and another blue sapphire. She loved them both- Phew! I think there may be more pressure when you have complete artistic control?