I got a spot in a beautiful magazine out of Australia-KANCHI. It is well worth signing up for their VIP club so you can get the magazine delivered into you in-box all ready to download. I would write a description of the label behind the magazine but they do a much better job of it!
" KanchiĀ® is the luxurious Australian designer label worn by girls around the world. The brand's latest creative venture is their online magazine.
The KanchiĀ® Magazine was launched to provide a glamorous, creative and interactive vehicle to showcase unique, inspiring and talented; individuals, businesses, products, services and places globally.
Sydney based fashion designer Kanchi Williams is the creative force behind the label; which was launched as a result of her passion; for all things beautiful and glamorous and as a way of expressing her creativity."

In my own words- her clothes are stunning and so is her magazine! Thanks Kanchi!