Going Green

Life Circle Earrings made with recycled sterling silver

Boulder Colorado is one of the original "hip to be green" places in the country and having been born and raised here, I feel like those principles were ingrained into me by my family at a pretty early age. I've shamed many a friend into recycling, always buy non toxic cleaning products, walk when I can, carry canvas bags etc. Recently my lovely friend Shannon Sunderland of Hot Mama Jewelry Designs mentioned that she wanted to start an eco friendly Hot Mama line. It got me thinking...what am I doing to ensure that my studio and my jewelry is as green as it can possibly be?
A few things I have started doing...
1. replaced lightbulbs with earth-friendly fluorescents
2. use wind powered energy
3. use recycled package and packing materials
4. recycle scrap metal
5. keep everything on a power strip and turn off entire strip when not in use

I've started the list but I want more ideas.
Please leave me comments on more things I can do, and things that you do in your life to make it more sustainable. My sister has a brilliant email signature, it reads What have you done today to decrease your ecological impact? Good question.