Sparkling Gemstone Heaven

Giant saucer jewels I purchased at the last show

Stones and pearls in lush shades of green...

Now that I'm busy writing copy for the new collections that will be launched soon on, I find my head full of dramatic adjectives- words like dreamy and luscious are floating around in there on constant rotation. While thinking along these lines I remembered that the Classic International Gem and Jewelry Show was coming to Denver this weekend. I'm like a magpie drawn to shiny objects anyway, but these shows have me fantasizing about new creamy colored pearls and candy colored gemstones. I'm getting chills just thinking about it. This particular show is being held at the Denver Merchandise Mart and will be in a massive building with row after row of vendors presiding over tables simply piled with beautiful gems, pearls, rocks, crystals, and a few random things like silk robes (?). The best thing about these shows is that every time I come home with a bag full of new toys (aka gems) I know I have another 4 months of inspiration comin my way!