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I’m Natha Campanella. I help people understand their histories and make sense of the resulting relationship dynamics, repetitive thoughts, and emotional triggers that are in the way of feeling more peaceful and prosperous in their lives. 

I loved my session with Natha! I’ve had numerous astrology readings in the past, and there is a way in which Natha’s reading was more detailed and nuanced, which gave me insight into my chart that I’ve never had before.
— Meghan R. Freelance Writer and Editor

I’m an astrologer, certified life coach and natural intuitive, and my skill-set involves being able to clearly seeing your emotional and mental constitution, in ways that you cannot see yourself. 

Working with me will provide you with a fast track to the truth. The answers, messages and guidance you seek will come through during our readings, all you have to do is be open to hearing it. 

In our work together, we will look at your personal astrology (found in your natal chart and transits). I’ll ask you for words about your life as they relate to the astrological aspects in your chart, and I will listen for your responses. 

I’m not listening as much for your words themselves, I’m listening for what what’s behind the words. How are you showing up in your life?  How did the repetitive thoughts and habits begin?  What are the stories you tell yourself? Where have you become paralyzed? What does the voice of your inner critic sound like?

When I get those answers, the real map begins to appear. 

This is more than a typical astrological reading. This is an alchemy of intuitive guidance from myself, the planets, and your higher self.  

Come to your readings and sessions with questions, and you’ll get the answers you seek. They’ll likely be less “yes” and “no”, and more “multiple choice”, as the pieces from the past come together and the next leg of your journey into self-awareness reveals itself.   

 Here's how you can work with me:

Natha is absolutely wonderful. I so appreciated her caring and thorough investigation of my natal chart. She really hit the nail on the head for what I’m going through. I’m actually about to listen to our reading again to garner some further understanding. I would totally recommend!
— Cara H. Brooklyn NY

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