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You won't find trite Sun Signs or bland horoscopes here.

This is the kind of astrology the pulls you in, seducing you with its accuracy and leaving you wanting more, more, more. Join me as I weave elements  of the enormous map we call astrology, into fascinating conversations with compelling and potent people.  I won’t be reading their charts for all to hear, but rather choosing a powerful planet or an astrological component in the chart of my guests, that I believe to be an influential piece of their story and using it to help paint a captivating picture of who they are and why they're here. 

Come to listen to their stories and leave with relatable astrological knowledge, and insights into your own inner workings. 

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Episode 9: How Are you Supposed to Heal the Things You Can't Even See? With Ceres

Have you ever healed an emotional issue, only to have another version of pain show up in its place?

We tend to compartmentalize the different facets of our lives but they're all interconnected. Our physical symptoms are connected to our relationship dynamics are connected to the parenting tools our caretakers used with us etc. 

Disentangling all of it can be really confusing as you'd imagine! Dr. Doug and Elicia Miller bring a unique blend of therapeutic modalities to that process and they share some of it with us.

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Plus: Free Gift: Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift, The Emotional Root Cause + Top 3 Blocks to Healing 

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The Intimacy Hour Radio Show

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Gestalt Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Episode 8: Making ourselves heard, with Mercury in Scorpio

Some of us spend years learning how to say what we think, while others speak uncomfortable truths freely, right from the beginning. 

Neither version is particularly easy.

My guest Alexis P. Morgan is the latter and she allows us to live vicariously while she generously shares some of her journey in regards to soul-speaking and truth-telling.

As you would probably guess, it requires quite a bit of self care and support along the way, but it's worth it.

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Octavia Butler

James Baldwin


Episode 7: The courage to let yourself be "seen", with Sagittarius and Scorpio

So many of us get the message growing up that we're either too much, or not enough.

We then carry that messaging right into our adult lives where it becomes downright suffocating. 

In this episode, Natalie and I discuss our personal experiences with feeling either too big and loud, or too small and ineffectual. Natalie shares some amazing wisdom on overriding those messages and giving ourselves permission to embrace whoever the hell we are.

It's a life practice, and it never ends, but that means we have plenty of time to work it all out. 

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Episode 6: The Totally Subjective Measurements of Success and Failure with the 10th House

Is it possible to actually make money as a metaphysical entrepreneur? 

There are so many healers and empaths who want to use their intuitive skills to make an income, but a clear connection to the divine doesn't usually come with business training.

In this episode, Sarah and I discuss the push and pull inherent in creating a successful metaphysical business. Can I be a compassionate healer of suffering, and also master financial success? How can I hold space for others when I still feel like a hot mess? Am I even any good at this? Should I just go get a real job?

Sound familiar? You're going to love this episode.

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So You Wanna be a Witch Podcast




 Episode 5: Making Order out of Chaos with Virgo

Who doesn't have some underlying anxiety threaded throughout their day-to-day life? Most of us set our own personal bar really high and while our perfectionisms can show up in a multitude of unique ways, boy do they show up, especially when we're stressed out.

Tammi and I talk about the process of really getting to know our anxiety instead of trying to avoid it or distract ourselves from it. She uses real life examples of her Virgo perfectionism in action, and also shares some of the practical things she's doing that help her to heal and relax.

Things we talked about in the show (I think I got them all!):

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The Unruffled Podcast


Episode 4- Re-mothering ourselves with awareness vs reaction (with the help of Ceres and the Moon)

Mother. That's a loaded word isn't it? 

Rebecca Caridad shares what it's like to be a mother on a journey of self-awareness. It sounds great doesn't it? Well, it is. And it's hard.

If you've done any work analyzing your relationship with your own mother, you know that even in the best of worlds, the relationship can be both tricky and full of fertile information on how to better mother yourself.

Everyone of us, regardless of gender, could stand to learn how to do that. Listen in for some tips and guidance on how to pull that off.

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 Episode 3- Cultivating Sexual Intelligence, with the help of Venus

What's your relationship with your own sexuality like? How has it altered and changed over the years? Does it feel better now than ever? Or do you wish things felt different?

Sondra Primeaux opens up about how fundamentalist religion, sobriety and just good old fashioned life experience have all contributed to  reshaping the way she approaches love these days.

Venus has been a major player in her chart, and we discuss what that means, and how she's partnered with Venus (without even realizing it) to fulfill some major destiny.

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The Unruffled Podcast


Episode 2- If you've ever felt like you're a balloon in a world full of porcupines, you'll like this episode with the North and South Nodes

My guest Janet Raftis, an energy healer and psychic medium shares about what it was like for her as a highly sensitive child who learned first how to numb with perfectionism and approval, and then with drugs and alcohol. As we would expect, those things ended up leading her into a profound transformation of self. She is now teaching other people how to recognize and use their own sensitivities in powerful ways. 


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Episode 1- The Maiden Voyage. Find out what the podcast is all about and learn (just a little something) about Natha and Pluto

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