There are many things in our lives, and areas within our souls, that we simply don't understand very well.

If you'd like clarity on who you are and why you feel the things you do, Astrology can help.

If you have questions about  Money (why can't I make more?), Career (what am I supposed to be doing?), Love (will I ever find it? Are we compatible?), Partnership (how can I get my mojo back? Are we meant to stay together?) Astrology can help. 

If you're interested in getting to know yourself on a much deeper level, identifying your blind spots and discovering why you keep repeating the same patterns over and over, Astrology can help.

  Natha Perkins Campanella: Master Life Coach and Professional Astrologer

Natha Perkins Campanella: Master Life Coach and Professional Astrologer

Using my gift of intuition and various certifications in self awareness modalities, along with the assistance of Astrology, we will explore your emotional terrain. You will learn so much about:

  • Why you react the same way to every situation in your life, even when you've tried to do it differently

  • Why you choose the same kinds of relationships repeatedly, and how to make better choices

  • What your career is supposed to look like, and how you can thrive within it

  • What your unique soul came here to learn, experience, explore and discover

  • Your core wounds and the survival patterns that have developed as a result

  • The connection between your childhood and your current circumstances

  • And more, so much more.

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