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"And you?

When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”


What is undeniably true for you, when it comes to love?

Relationship Goals is a program designed to pique your curiosity, increase your awareness and give insight into who you are as a lover, a companion, a sweetheart, a true love.

Over the course of 6 weeks together we will clarify your Relationship Goals using astrology as a tool to help discern what your personal prerequisites are in a lover and a long-term partner (because, we all have non-negotiable characteristics that we require, it’s true!)

We will also get clear on the challenges and gifts that you bring to the table as a lover and a partner.

This program is for anyone who wishes to “do relationship” differently, who wants to find the buried treasures within them, so that they can relate to love in a more powerful way than ever before.

I created this course because humans are relational creatures, and love that feels good and juicy, leads to a more fulfilling life. 

You should take this course if…

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- You’re curious about what you really need in a partner

-You’ve had numerous relationships (or a really big one) that crumbled, and you want to know why

-You’re ready to look at some of your own shadow when it comes to love: what can you do differently next time? What can you let go of? What do you need more of, in order to thrive?

-You want to know how to revitalize the enchantment, tenderness, passion within your current relationship

-You don’t want to repeat the same relationship mistakes you’ve watched your parents, family or friends make

-You want to explore some of your gifts and challenges when it comes to intimate partnership


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The curriculum will consist of 5 classes and one ending ceremony, so 6 weeks total

*A natal chart reading will take place in the first week. Each class participant will be asked to schedule their private and confidential 90 minute relationship reading with Natha

Week 1

  • Venus: Our Divine Feminine and Juno: Our Inner Matriarch

Venus and Juno are central relationship planets. This week, we will scrutinize in detail, all of the many facets of both this planet and asteroid and see what they mean for you. This will also give you the foundation for being able to better interpret these markers in the charts of those you love.


Week 2

  • History

The way we show up in the arena of intimate partnership is conditioned into us from an early age. This week we will dig into what you learned about how relationship worked as a spectator. What kinds of relationships were modeled to you? How does that conditioning still effect you today?


Week 3

  •  Communications

Do you speak your mind or do you bury what you wish you could say? This week we will inquire into our communication styles and take an honest look into whether the way we speak in our relationships is helping or hurting.

Week 4

  •  Mirroring

There’s a connection between our own subconscious thoughts and the kinds of partners we attract. This week, we’ll explore what that actually means.

Week 5

  •  Deep Desires

How do we relate to our bodies? To our boundaries? To our hopes and our wishes? This week, we delve into our relationship with ourselves, and assess whether we're showing up as the  kind and loving partner that we need ourselves to be.

Week 6

  •  Synthesis

A closing of the circle. In this week, we will come together to harmonize all that we’ve learned together, this includes a powerful ending ceremony meant to send each of us back out into the world with our new found insight and strengths.

What comes along for the ride




What you receive:

- A recorded lecture of each week’s subject

-A weekly live Zoom meeting for topic discussion and personalized insight into your chart and your life situations

-A weekly assignment that will help you to understand yourself better, and help you integrate the work

-Access to our private Facebook group and support from Natha



When will the weekly live classes held? At registration you will receive  a survey with several days and times to choose from,  and once we have all the results, we will choose the day and time that the majority can attend.

What if I can’t make the live classes/calls? Every class will be recorded and available for replays. Natha will offer one extra live call for anyone that isn’t able to make as many of the live calls as they like, so that they get a chance to ask questions and get live time with Natha

Why is there a gap between registration and the start of the program? Natha would like to make sure that all of the students get their 90-minute astrology reading completed before the beginning of the first class.

What will I get when I register? You will be invited into our Facebook group so that you can begin connecting with Natha and the other members of the group right away. You will also receive the information you need to get scheduled for your astrology reading.

What is the cost of the course? The cost of the course is $497 paid in full, or 2 payments of $250. Both options include a 90-minute private astrology reading.

How many people will be in the program? Natha wishes to keep the groups small and intimate, so that everyone gets enough time, space and attention to truly integrate the work we will be doing together.

Will I get one on one time with Natha? Yes! You will receive a 90-minute private initial astrology reading with Natha. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and interact within our Zoom group calls, and Natha will be very active in the Facebook group as well.

How long will I have access to the program content? You will have access to the program content for a year.

What if I don’t have what I would call “relationship issues”, can this course still be beneficial? Absolutely. This is a class about how to do relationship differently, but the bigger theme of the class is focused around helping us learn more about who we are. This class is for anyone that wishes to understand themselves, their tendencies, histories and emotional patterning better.

Is this for women only? No, men have relationships too, and are welcome to come explore with us!

Will this be offered again? Most likely, but we don’t have definite dates yet.


So... are you ready to register?