I have been honored to work with so many amazing people from all over the world. Here's what some of my clients have to say about working with me:


Hi Natha, I just wanted to spread the love I have today! Feeling my anger lets me replace it with love and gratitude. Thank you for being at my side during this.  I am learning to replace my worries with good thoughts. It works! xoxo Alessandra, Italy

Thank you again for being a listening ear and calming, healing presence through this past year.  Our sessions together nourished me, like a dear friend holding my hand as I gained the confidence to fully embrace and gather the fractured pieces of myself. So much gratitude and love, Adriana, Portland

Hi Natha, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you. Feeling your unconditional presence was absolutely amazing and healing. I feel lucky to have experienced that with you. I already feel so much lighter and my stomach feels more settled than it has in years. I'm sure I will notice more changes in the following days and weeks. Like you said, I will wait to fully process what we did, but l look forward to working with you again, but I think that these changes would not have been reachable without your help and guidance looking inward and reminders and techniques to stay present! So thank you!   Amanda, Maryland

Natha I finally feel like I’m slowly coming out of my shell, all thanks to you, your support and your honest advice.  You’re 100% correct on the ‘honoring myself part’.  I think that is probably one of my biggest lessons. I really needed those words from you today.  Steven, Virginia

This is working for me Natha. I'm gradually changing my relationship with life and it's wonderful. A sincere thanks for you. Also I'm being aware much more of my mental / action patterns and getting insights (which I should write more often tbh). Also I'm letting go of control and jumping into the mystery of life more often when I feel trapped.  Ruben, Spain

Thank you so much Natha for being such a good teacher and helping me to use all of my abilities. It feels so free and I enjoy this massive playing field in which I can pick whatever tool feels needed. I feel so blessed . Very happy, thankful and grateful!  Tineke, Netherlands