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In order to increase our sense of emotional wellbeing, we need to understand what’s happening behind the scenes, in our subconscious mind.

My name is Natha Perkins Campanella and I offer Intuitive Council with the help of modern Astrology and Tarot for people who are ready to feel emotional relief.  

-One of my gifts is the ability to see straight into the heart of relationship dynamics, habitual behaviors, and situational reactions. I use this insight to determine the underlying or invisible factors contributing to the emotional issues my clients face.

-This includes helping make sense of childhood trauma, identifying emotional blindspots and giving explanations behind daily triggers and their resulting responses. I offer intuitive guidance regarding how to shift and solve those things and I do it with the support of Astrology and Tarot. 

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Through my innovative approach, using their Natal Chart as a guide, I educate my clients about their astrological map. We discuss:

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I then give solid, practical guidance about how to work with all of that information to help solve current life issues.

 If you are ready to understand yourself, like really, finally "get" yourself,  I offer a complimentary call to get you started.

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Explore these different ways we can work together one-on-one, via Zoom Video Conference, or in person!

Tarot Reading

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Astrology Reading

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