Hour Long Intuitive Guidance Session

A 90 minute astrology reading is a wonderful gateway to getting to know yourself, identify your blindspots and touch in on some of the painful things you've been either working through, or trying to avoid. Consistent work in all of these areas though,  is where you will find the true potential for growth. I work with many clients on a regular basis in this capacity. Call it life coaching, intuitive guidance, deep inner work or astrology. It's actually a combination of all of the above. 

My clients who do regular work with me report feeling more grounded, intuitive, supported and seen. This begins in session with me and ripples out into the rest of their lives. It feels really wonderful to have a safe container to work on "your stuff".

If you resonate with my style during an astrology reading, consider doing some regular sessions. They will help you understand  yourself and your process. I'm really adept at telling you what I see, which brings definitive insight into how you can transform your life, if you wish to do so. You're not obligated to do a certain amount of sessions and if all you need is touch in for a single session to get some insight on current life circumstances, I welcome that too. 

These are 60 minute sessions conducted over Zoom Video Conference