Brief Astro Insight (the short reading)

For returning clients only*. Do you need some quick some insight? This is a great option if you'd to zoom in and focus on a single area of life. (Of course we will also look at overall picture if we need help in determining themes and blind spots).

*If you've never worked with Natha before, she requests that you complete a full 90 minute reading with her so she gets to know you and your chart,  before scheduling a single question reading. 

These shorter readings are great for the following things and of course not limited by these ideas at all:  if you're trying to:

  1. Decide when/ where to get married
  2. Decide when/where  to move
  3. Where to spend your birthday
  4. Understand a current or upcoming transit  
  5. Seek insight into a relationships or job dynamic
  6. Figure out why you're feeling a certain way