Meet the Roller Mill

As part of a new series of blog posts, I want to introduce you to some of the equipment that I use in creation of my pieces. This is the Roller Mill. It is by far the most expensive piece of equipment I have and it's also one that I use in almost all of my pieces. I use it to create texture in relief. Using incredible pressure, the two steel rollers can press texture right into metal.

One of my favorite ways to use it is to make copper plates (shown above) and roll them through with a piece of sterling,which makes a lovely reverse imprint. I also use the mill to create a leathery texture on silver and copper by rolling the metal through with tissue paper.

I rolled a copper plate through with this piece of vintage lace (above) to show you how easy it is to emboss (another name for what the roller mill does)

Here is the finished imprint on the copper, can you see the flower? I am also including a ring that I did that has tiny shooting stars embossed (using a copper plate stamped with stars) in the concave part of the ring, along with little diamonds.