Lovely Produce

Our gorgeous peaches

We have an amazing peach tree right in our garden that is simply laden with fruit. Such a luscious fruit a peach is... I am totally enamored with this tree, I've been bringing baskets of peaches to everyone in my life and they are blown away that we have this juicy, beautiful fruit growing right outside of our door.

Fruit and vegetables are such an inspiration to me. I have made many a fruity necklace- cherry and plum just to mention a few. I went to etsy this morning looking for more fruit inspiration and I wanted to share some of my favorites.

These earrings by Diffraction are so cool! Actually all of her stuff (lemons, kiwis, violets and more) is just as gorgeous- I had a hard time choosing which picture to use. She takes the photograph and then mounts it so you can wear it. What a neat idea! I wish I could take vibrant shots like these.

Let's talk about luscious...I envision having one (or all) of these beauties on display in my house and it makes me shiver. Revo hand blows these objects and they are available in seasonal color palettes. This is truly covetable art.

When I was a little girl I would have killed for these little veggies to play with. How perfect for cooking in a little play kitchen. Look Mama Made It has so many other things that are PERFECT for little people (and are made in eco friendly fabrics and filling) and would look really cute on a table too.