TV Time

A few months ago, Sari Padorr, a freelance writer from The Denver Post featured my work in the Saturday Section of the Post, in an article about Colorado metal artists. Well Sari came through for me again and connected me with the producers of The Everyday Show on Fox 31 News in Denver. I was interviewed by Libby Weaver on a segment with 2 other local women to talk about Valentine Jewelry. It was a total blast! Watch the segment here.

It was very cool to be behind the scenes, see the sets, the camera people, watch how they cut for breaks and count down to live air time. The producers were so friendly and Libby Weaver and Natalie Tysdal, the anchors we spoke to, were so sparkly and approachable- and pretty- wow!

I presented both Natalie and Libby, as well as the producers of the show (and Sari too- thanks again Sari!) with their very own Sweetheart Necklace (with charms from the new line) inscribed with the names of their kiddos and they were all so pleased. Look for them being worn on air- both said they would. And they loved their pieces!