Mothers Day 2010

So you want to know what to get her for Mothers Day? Jewelry. I mean, of course were going to say that but's the way to go. Custom jewels inscribed with the names of your kids is a win win. Can't go wrong. May we recommend:
Our ever popular Sweetheart Necklace?

Or Perhaps a charm to add to her current Sweetheart necklace?

Perhaps one of our special designs, made especially for Mothers Day
(and on sale too for only $60) The Simple Slice, available exclusively in our Etsy shop.

As a matter of fact- we're giving away one of these lovely little Simple Slice necklaces on Mothers Day! Simple become a "follower" of our blog (see that button over to the right? Click it) and you'll be entered to win. Easy. (current followers will also be entered)

We also want to thank Melissa Chapman for a great write up on thanks Melissa!

Violet Everywhere!

Violet in Private

We all know about my penchant for the name Violet. It is one of my very favorite names and words for that matter which is why when Melissa Walker, writer
extroardinaire, author of many books including Violet on the Runway, Violet by Design and her latest and greatest Violet in Private approached me about doing a giveaway on her blog to celebrate her book launching I said yes, of course!

Fairies Ring

This necklace fit in perfectly with the Violet theme and some lucky girl won it on wednesday by leaving a comment on Melissa's blog. You really should take a peek at her blog and then go get a Violet book. What was that they always told us in school RIF? Reading is fun. cheesy but true...