Red Week!

It's red week! Oh how I love red. I love the fire and heat, I love the energy and sex appeal. It's such a rich, vibrant color with so many natural and cultural connotations. Red is the rich color of rubies and roses, red wine and sports cars, lipstick and blood. It's the color of danger and excitement. While I love the thrill of spice and danger, I'm also an eat my veggies kind of girl and I find it incredibly satisfying to eat red fruit. There's just something delightful about biting into plump red strawberries and sour raspberries, and cooking with tomatoes, red peppers and cayenne. Is there any surprise that we connect the color red to heat? Chili peppers and salsa anyone? Shades of red warm up rooms, cheer people up, sex people up and energize us too. When shades of red are coupled with green, the complimentary combinations force the eye to see the colors in a saturated vibrancy that neither color could ever quite achieve on it's own. Scientists say red, more than other color, provokes clearly identifiable reactions in human beings and I believe it. It certainly sparks me. Don't forget, we're giving away garnets this week, enter below to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway