Meaningful jewelry; stories, wishes, memories.

I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction- like attracts like- but it never ceases to amaze me when I see direct evidence of the theory arising in my life. After my last post about the power of being recognized for the positivity you bring to those around you, I received this email from a lovely new customer "I just wanted to say how comfortable and confident I am in your work. How you create for celebrities and simple people like myself- and yet I can tell, thru your words, that great care gets put into both! Not sure if you knew that about how you write. And the message you convey about your love for your work, is heard loud and clear.." Isn't that cool?!

This woman contacted me because she wanted to design a really special necklace to celebrate her new baby (see a picture of it above). She told me that she had been trying to conceive for 8 years and had finally been successful...she's simply over the moon with happiness and delight over this hard won little boy. This is one of the very reasons I love the medium I work in. Jewelry has such immense power. In every culture it represents beauty, intention, commemoration of momentous events. Think wedding rings, class rings, sweet 16 gifts, anniversary gifts etc. I personally have a little tradition where I buy jewelry when I'm on vacation, and every time I wear a piece, I'm reminded of that adventure. (see some of my vacation jewelry below)

Have you ever sat with your grandmother or mother and had her tell you the stories surrounding her jewelry? Special jewelry tells the tales of generations; hopes, wishes, achievements... it triggers memories and we need that. There's so much power in our personal stories and in the stories of those that came before us. I'm pleased and privileged to have the opportunity to create these kinds of special pieces for people out in the world (see these previous posts: Petra co-pilot, 7 rings, just to name a few) and the custom orders keep coming in! I have a great one to blog about next time, so check back soon. If you'd like us to design something special to celebrate an occasion in your life, Check out my website for some ideas and email me at I can't wait to work with you!