Bringers of light

Me and my B (and yes, I do feel a little like Jay Z, when I say that)

I received an email the other day from Kelly Sue, a buyer at a new store called Factory Made in Boulder that will soon be carrying Luscious Metals hand crafted jewelry, and at the end of the email she said, "On a personal note: we share a dear friend-- B ... Isn't life just a bit better with her in it?" I was so touched because yes, life is ever so much better with her in it. She's one of my very favorite people ever. She keeps my deepest darkest secrets and loves me despite them. She's my go-to woman when I need to process or vent or share some gross story. We share a love for beautiful things, fashion, metaphysics and potty humor and I couldn't live without her.

I was also struck because it's a very powerful thing to be recognized by someone for making the world a better place, for being a bringer of light. It's not easy to see our own inner qualities of kindness and compassion, strength and grace. We're often so stuck in our perceived deficiencies; the things that make our experience feel so hard, that whats obvious to those around us is often opaque to us. I wonder if we could really feel and know our impact on the people in our lives, if it would make a difference in the way we thought of ourselves. If we could relax into what's right, instead of obsessing about whats wrong... well, the possibilities are endless aren't they? So to B, and all of the other amazing people I call my friends and family and for the rest of you out there reading this-- please know (if even for a minute, every now and then) how meaningful and remarkable you are to the people around you.