Occupy This

You won't find me at an Occupy protest. I've seen the mindless police brutality continually inflicted on peaceful protestors during this movement, and unfortunately it's quelled my desire to march for change. I DO plan to protest corporate greed in my own way by spending my money at small, independent merchants and retailers this holiday season. I won't be shopping at big chain stores because I will be buying from people, not corporations. Below are some easy ways to shop for holiday gifts and keep your money closer to people like you, and out of the hands of selfish corporations. Sites like Etsy and Smashing Darling are great because you can shop from your couch and the insite search engines allow you to be able to search for specifics.

These cool bird decals are only $18, from NOUWALL on Etsy

Holiday craft fairs feature unique, handmade goods and yummy artisan foods and lots of local products that you may not even know about until you meet their maker at a show. One of the cool things about buying straight from the artist is that you get to talk to them and find out the story behind the product. Pieces have more meaning if there's a story to go with them, always.

WE LOVE FIREFLY! This is one of my very favorite shows ever and if you're in the Boulder/Denver area, you need to stop in. It's Etsy come to life.

Local little gift shops and specialty stores are also full of well curated little lovelies. This is owner Dawn Spencer Hurwitz at DSH Perfumes in Boulder--one of my favorite places to spend money...

Purchasing services for gifts are also a fabulous way to keep your money in your economy. Spa gift certificates for things like facials, mani-pedi's, makeup for a big party, massages, reflexology are always big hits, fitness (yoga or pilates classes), personal chef (freshly cooked dinners for a week etc) are also great gifts to give. The genius behind Alchemy Mineral Blends, Sally and Bre. They do beautiful makeup for special occasions as well as sell their very own line of beautifully crafted mineral makeup in outstanding colors.

Join me in making the commitment this holiday season to spend money in a mindful, sustainable way.