7 rings, full of grace.

I've often said that one of my main pleasures in metalsmithing lies in the fact that I get to make amulets. Powerful, meaningful pieces that people hold onto for years to come; and the following story is a perfect example of that. When I get interesting custom orders I always ask the customer what the story behind the order is. I find that most people are really open about what their pieces are for and I love that. I swear, half the time I get all misty eyed reading the stories because of the amazing symbolism the pieces are bound to have for their wearers. This story of 7 spellbound rings is no different.

"The story behind the rings? :

These rings are going to be given to the young women who are graduating from a leadership school called The Gate Master's Commission. It's a one year leadership school for ages 18-25 (and sometimes older). Why we think these students deserve rings? They've given all of their time and dedication to completing this intense year of character building and leadership training. It's been a life changing year for the better for everyone! We (the staff of the school) chose the green stone because green represents grace and new beginnings. On the outside we engraved "Gate MC 2011" and inside, we engraved each student's name. We just believe that each one of these girls were given new beginnings this year, and definitely lots of grace" "So that's the story.. if you need anything else, let me know! I'm sure we'll love them when we get them, since we love them SO much on the computer. Thank you, thank you!"