Fabulous Jewelry Parties-The Interview

A few months ago, Danielle Fox of Stringing Magazine approached me about doing an interview on how to hold successful trunk shows and jewelry parties and I was surprised and delighted. I think we all tend towards underestimation with regards to what we really know on a topic until someone is there asking you specific questions about it! This was a blast though and I'm really excited to be a part of this beautiful magazine. Stringing is an amazing reference for jewelry makers--this issue alone has over 70 project ideas for aspiring designers. Believe me--these aren't tired old projects, using cheap beads from a basic craft store either--these ideas are gorgeous, unique and fashionable inspiration. The photography alone is enough to entice you to get yourself down to the gem show and stock up for future projects.

Did you know that I love to help out aspiring entrepreneurs? I've spent a huge amount of time researching everything from selling to marketing, book keeping to design and production and the list goes on. If you have a burning question or need advice, feel free to email me at natha[at]nathaperkins.com I promise to answer in a relatively timely manner (that's only a semi-joke, but in my defense, I get a lot of emails!)