1,000 pink gumballs

Sometimes I fantasize about being the kind of woman who can pull off perfectly coordinated parties and have things like clean socks (that actually match!) on my kids feet every day...but I'm pretty sure I'm not her and probably never will be her.   So instead I have to live vicariously through my friends who can pull that kind of stuff off,  seemingly effortlessly.   Which brings me to the gumball party my Boulder photographer friend Julia Vandenoever had for her daughter. I've done a few photo shoots with Julia (including the model shots for lusciousmetals.com) and it seems that not only does she take gorgeous photos, she can also throw the kind of birthday party I could only dream about.   I was looking at her blog the other day and fell totally in love with these pictures and the idea of this lovely garden party complete with handmade garlands and pink lemonade and gumballs.  Take a peek at her beautiful blog to see more of her work and to read about this perfectly pink birthday! 

Oh and Julia--will you throw my next party?  Pretty please?