The Joys of Life

initial discs 1 So we've partnered with The Joys of Life for a review and Giveaway of one of our Golden Initial Necklaces! True, there are lots of monogrammed disc necklaces out there but ours are a little different. They're slightly abstract in shape and we emboss the surface with our signature leather texture. We also hand cut the circle out of reclaimed sterling that we melt down right in our studio so the metal itself is thick and weighty. Circles are pleasing to the human eye which is why circles, polka-dots and round discs are so popular; they never go out of style. Ana, the lovely editor of this cool website has written us a great review of this necklace and we are offering one of her readers (or ours!) the chance to win a $100 site -wide gift card to Luscious Metals. The contest runs through November 30th so definitely read the review and enter to win!