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Does the thought of making changes to the way you eat, the opinions you have about your own body, and even the way you allow yourself to experience pleasure stress you out? You'll have a little help in shifting your mindset... The planet Uranus has just moved into the sign of Taurus and Suzanne and I discuss what it means.

PS- it'll be in Taurus for the next 7 years, so know that we'll have plenty of time to make these shifts (and oh will it feel good when we do!)

The Divine Masculine resides within everyone, not just men. Listen in as Suzanne and I discuss the planet Mars. Mars tells us ll about how we utilize our inner divine masculine energies. Curious? Click play!

There are masculine communication styles and there are feminine communication styles. 2019 holds 3 Mercury Retrograde periods and they all happen in water signs which means… communication lessons will take a decidedly feminine flavor this year. What does that mean? Listen in as Suzanne and I discuss what it means to you!

Curious about how astrology intersects with the #metoo movement, our relationship to our own inner divine feminine and the connection of both to our evolving ideas about what it means to be valuable as a woman? Listen in, Suzanne and I have some interesting things to say about it all in this episode (and so does the current astrology!)